about Me

Radio was not the plan. I was supposed to be an engineer. Dad was an engineer, Grandpa was an engineer… You see the pattern? But showing up at KRZR at 4:00AM on a Thursday seemed like fun. Becoming a professional goof-off won out over math and effort.

20 years later and coffee, loud music, and not taking myself too seriously still get me through the day.

I’ve transitioned from being recognized as the leading truant in Central California to volunteering for the Central California A.I.D.S. Foundation to accounting, construction management, and chauffeuring dead bodies. I’ve also set tile, done building inspections, and started a family.

Throughout it all I’ve kept one foot in the radio industry. 

In 2010, I was invited to contribute to the Chris Daniel Show at News/Talk 580 & 105.9 KMJ.

I’m a regular guest lecturer, talking to Valley High School & College students about the role of media in government & civics, and I’m an advocate for Toys for Tots, the Community Food Bank of Central California, and the Central California Blood Center.

In 2017 I joined the Cumulus Media Engineering Department, and I’ve been branching out from my comfort zone in I.T. to learn about the actual Radio side of the business.