Tired and Cranky

Kids were being kept in dorms & dog runs.
Families were being separated.
People were warned that the new administration had a weird thing about Mexicans.
None of this crap is happening on the Canadian border.

Don’t try to justify cruelty to children.
Stop making excuses for lawlessness.

You’re all being pitted against each other.
You’re falling for it.

Stop being willfully ignorant.
Spare me your condescending moralizing.

None of you are good enough to throw around Christ’s name.
None of you have the first clue what God wants.
You’re a bunch of shaved apes and you’re embarrassing your immigrant ancestors.

You’re embarrassing the simian ones, too.

Instead of reposting another dumbass meme like a damn teenager try this:


  • Why did the policy change in May?
  • Why was this law passed in the first place?
  • Do you want to end all immigration?
  • Is being poor a defense for ignoring the law?
  • Why do we all know the affluenza story?
  • Do you know what immigrants actually represent, economically speaking?
  • Can you answer any of these questions without using Google?
  • Why not?
  • Isn’t an informed electorate an essential ingredient in a well-run Constitutional Republic?
  • When’s the last time you donated blood? Or served dinner at the rescue mission?

Get off your phone. Go do something more productive than fighting with strangers on the internet.