Going Out On Top

I’ve been fired from almost every radio job I’ve ever had, and the only other time I quit it was under so much duress it might as well have been a firing. And all that is par for the course in this business. They say you’re not really one of us until you’ve been fired….

And that’s what makes this special for me. I’m quitting a #1 rated show because my cup runneth over. My boss is totally supporting the move, my family is cheering the change, and I’ll actually get to do MORE of what I love because I’m going to be able to focus 100% on the next big project.

I got into radio on a lark. I’ve been booted from radio due to equally shallow thinking. I’ve also been fired with cause (and thanks for giving management cause, Cinnamon). I keep doing this job because it’s interesting and challenging.

So, I want to thank every one of you who tuned in for the Saturday Show. Your support really means the world to me and the job would be a lot less fun without your calls, tweets, and general lunacy.

I’ll genuinely miss it. Except when I’m sleeping in next Saturday.

KMJ is going to introduce a new show as well as expanding an old favorite. I don’t know what the timeline is on announcing the details, but I know you’re going to love it. Stand by for more very, very soon!

Look, I know I’m kind of a clown…but I’m never going to get to do this again.

And because I’m a clown I’ve been intentionally vague up to this point, so let me nail it down now:

I’m staying right here at KMJ. I’ve got some projects that require I be at Radio City full-time during the week, and 100% of my attention is now going to be focused on the Monday-through-Friday routine. I just can’t give the Saturday Show the attention it deserves any more, which really means I can’t give YOU the attention and quality you deserve.

I’ll be here for the Chris Daniel Show, just like always!

When the time comes to announce What’s Next you’ll be the first to know, but for now it’s just me getting back my weekend and spending a little more time with my family AND giving this amazing, odd job my best effort.