The Question

About two months ago I created this…form letter? Open letter?

Whatever you call it, I wanted to give everyone as much information about Chris’ whereabouts as possible without violating his privacy or running afoul of our employer.

I also promised that when I was able I would share any new information. So, here we go:

Chris has decided to (semi) retire. After taking some time for reflection he came to the conclusion that he needed to live a quieter life and to spend more time with his family.

Guys, for the last 9+ years I’ve worked for the most talented man in radio. He’s been a damn good friend and he’s given us all he can. For my own selfish reasons I’m sorry to see him leave, but I also understand why he’s made the choice he has.

I don’t know what’s next, because Chris doesn’t know what’s next. For the first time in a long time our friend is truly unencumbered and the only plan today is to enjoy that freedom. I don’t know about you, but I envy that.

Thank you, dude. Our lives are richer for having heard your stories.

Hi there. If I’ve sent you to this page it’s because you’re asking The Question (and I’m tired of re-typing The Answer)

First, there’s a couple misconceptions floating around that I’d like to address:

  • Nobody said anything!

Not true. Chris actually did a show where he talked about taking time off. I’m sorry if you missed it, but not so sorry that I’m going to look it up and podcast it…

  • KMJ is hiding something!

Again: Nope. Cumulus Media is a business in 21st Century America and there are rules they have to follow regarding employee privacy. The only answer you’re ever going to get from management is “Chris is on a Leave of Absence” because that’s LEGALLY all they’re allowed to say.

  • There’s something wrong with Chris!

For a third time: Negative. Chris is fine. He’s taking some personal time and focusing on his family. The man will almost definitely share his story upon his return, but he’s entitled to a little privacy while he indulges in some “Chris Time.”

Also, for what it’s worth, the folks pointing out the significance of my/our continuing to call it the “Chris Daniel Show” are correct. We wouldn’t keep calling it that if it weren’t still his show.

I’m in a weird spot: my friend is okay, but our shared employer isn’t allowed to talk about an employee’s personal life. Frankly, I’m exposing myself a little here. Officially, all KMJ/Cumulus Media can say is “Chris is on leave” but I appreciate you guys caring enough to bring it up.

He and I are in touch, and I feel comfortable sharing the above details…but that’s it for now!

If anything changes (like he wins the lottery and decides to see the world) I promise you guys will hear about it, but for now I hope I’m doing an adequate job holding down the fort (because he’ll beat me if I don’t).

Thank you all – sincerely!