The Question

Hi there. If I’ve sent you to this page it’s because you’re asking The Question (and I’m tired of re-typing The Answer)

First, there’s a couple misconceptions floating around that I’d like to address:

  • Nobody said anything!

Not true. Chris actually did a show where he talked about taking time off. I’m sorry if you missed it, but not so sorry that I’m going to look it up and podcast it…

  • KMJ is hiding something!

Again: Nope. Cumulus Media is a business in 21st Century America and there are rules they have to follow regarding employee privacy. The only answer you’re ever going to get from management is “Chris is on a Leave of Absence” because that’s LEGALLY all they’re allowed to say.

  • There’s something wrong with Chris!

For a third time: Negative. Chris is fine: Safe, Sober, & Sane. He’s taking some personal time and focusing on his family. The man will almost definitely share his story upon his return, but he’s entitled to a little privacy while he indulges in some “Chris Time.”

Also, for what it’s worth, the folks pointing out the significance of my/our continuing to call it the “Chris Daniel Show” are correct. We wouldn’t keep calling it that if it weren’t still his show.

I’m in a weird spot: my friend is okay, but our shared employer isn’t allowed to talk about an employee’s personal life. Frankly, I’m exposing myself a little here. Officially, all KMJ/Cumulus Media can say is “Chris is on leave” but I appreciate you guys caring enough to bring it up.

He and I are in touch, and I feel comfortable sharing the above details…but that’s it for now!

If anything changes (like he wins the lottery and decides to see the world) I promise you guys will hear about it, but for now I hope I’m doing an adequate job holding down the fort (because he’ll beat me if I don’t).

Thank you all – sincerely!