Notes for Saturday 01.05.19

This week’s Show: Everything is Trump’s fault (except when it isn’t)

Coming back to work after a vacation is always weird, even if you love your job. I find myself struggling to limit the amount of time I put in at work.

On the Broadcast side it’s not such a big deal: If I see a story or something that might be useful for the show I just email myself a reminder & let it go. I consume a lot of news anyway, so Show Prep isn’t a distraction.

On the Engineering side there is ALWAYS more to do. I enjoy tinkering, so I can go down the rabbit hole pretty easily. The problem is, when a real need arises I can exhaust myself mismanaging lower priority tasks.

Either way, I have to set reminders on my phone to eat & to stop working. Seriously.

Since science says I’m doomed to be old & fat no matter what, I think striking a better Work-Life balance might be my focus for 2019. One kid is out of the house now and the other is growing up fast. Mrs. Teresi & I are making plans for 3-year, 5-year, & retirement scenarios and none of them include dying at our desks!

Thanks to all of you who listen. Remember, you can always submit story ideas HERE and you can fight with me on Twitter HERE.

Happy New Year!

PS: Agenda 21 is still lame nonsense.