Happy New Year!


2018 was a year. It is now nearly at an end. Another will take its place on the arbitrary calendar upon which we all base our routines. Until that new year has successfully commenced and been allowed a day or two to take root I will be unavailable.

I am told this is called “Time Off” or, in the vernacular of the salaried employee, a “Vacation.”

Whatever name you apply to it, I will not be online until it is over. I may post segments from my last couple shows at some point. You should look to the audio page for updates or subscribe via your preferred podcast provider to have it come to you.

I am not watching the news, answering my phone, or doing anything that requires an exercise of patience.

I sincerely appreciate all of you (even the callers I’m mean to). I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a safe transition into the New Year.

Thank you for an interesting and exciting 2018.