Tuesday November 6th, 2018

Several people have asked me to share my picks for this election. Normally I’m all about the “Secret” part of confidential ballots, but my job is weird and I might as well roll with it…


These are my recommendations. I offer them as my personl opinion. They should not in any way be confused with the opinions of KMJ, Cumulus Radio, their sponsors, advertisers, clients, or employees. This is all me and if you have questions about any of my picks you are welcome to reach out via the Contact Form.

Fresno City Council

 District Three: Tate Hill

 He’s young  & hungry. We have some friends in common and everything I’ve heard leads me to believe he’ll be a mindful advocate for his constituents.


District Five: Luis Chavez 

Luis and I differ on some policies, but he’s done well in his first term. I think he’s earned another go-round. Luis doesn’t waste time with personality games, and I appreciate that.


District Seven: Brian Whelan

Clint Olivier is termed out, and he’s endorsing Brian. I’ve talked with Brian several times and he’s a no-nonsense conservative. You’ll get reasonable financial decisions and rational choices.


Fresno County Auditor/Controller & Treasurer: David Keyes

Vicki Crow, Paul Dictos, and Doug Vagim  all endorse him and those three know the business well. Also, Garcia has some ugly personal issues in his past that I’m having a hard time overlooking. This race was almost a “No recommendation” but the complaint against Garcia just barely tips it for me…

California Senate

 8th: Andreas Borgeas

Andreas has worked his way up, he’s good with numbers, and he genuinely cares about our community.


12th: Rob Poythress

Rob switched to NPP and I think it plays well in that district. This one’s as much about breaking up the Democratic Majority (hawhaw) as anything.


14th: Andy Vidak

He hasn’t changed a bit since he got to Sacramento. Andy’s another candidate I’ve gotten to know in person and whom I believe is doing the job for the right reasons.


16th: Shannon Grove

She delivered time & again in the Assembly. Nobody in South Valley politics has stronger conservative credentials.



5th: Frank Bigelow

The Man, The Myth, The Moustache. Also, he survived serving on the Madera County Board of Supervisors.


23rd: Jim Patterson

Jim’s the gold standard for constituent service and breaking up the Sacramento nonsense. Also: the best hair in local politics, period.


26th: Jose Sigala 

Yep, a Democrat. The incumbent has been unreliable. The district needs a fresh start.


31st: Lupe Espinoza 

This one’s straight-up party line. I haven’t been wowed by Joaquin and I think we have another opportunity to clear out an incumbent who doesn’t get much done.


32nd: Justin Mendes

Justin did a great job in Hanford, he’s got a great advisor in his uncle. This is an opportunity to elevate a young conservative.


Madera County District Attorney: Sally Moreno

After the past 18 months of coverage out of that office I think giving a Veteran the reins is a good start to cleaning things up, doubly so a female veteran.


Superintendant of Schools: Marshall Tuck


Attorney General: Steven Bailey


Secretary of State: Alex Padilla

Yes, an incumbent & a democrat. I just can’t buy into a guy who wears tacky customized collars.

Insurance Commissioner: Steve Poizner

State Treasurer: Greg Conlon

U.S. Senator: Diane Feinstein

I know. I KNOW. I. Know. But the only thing worse than Feinstein is a socialist with no new ideas. At least we know what we’re getting with the incumbent. Spanky DeLeon is out of his depth at this level. 


Who was standing beside President Trump while he signed the Executive Memo getting water back in the Valley?


4th: McClintock

Tom might be the smartest guy in Congress


21st: Valadao

Excellent selection of Formal Cargo Shorts (also, right behind Nunes on constituent service)


22nd: Nunes

 His work on the Intelligence Committee is both critical to our democracy and utterly thankless. Bonus: The best constituent service team I’ve ever seen.


23rd: McCarthy

Plays well with others, still my favorite to replace Paul Ryan if we keep the majority


16th: Heng

She’s green, but that district is in dire need of fresh blood. Costa’s got his retirement locked in; let’s work on the Valley again.


Lt. Governor: Eleni Kounalakis


Governor: John Cox

Fresno Ballot Measures:

A – Pot Tax: YES

Money for cops. Money for schools. Taxing a product that is already here. There is no good argument against this one.


P – Parks: No

This kills me, because I want more parks and trails. But this measure does it wrong: Too many years, too much social justice shenanigans. Cut it down to 10 years, put adults in charge, try again in 2020.


Q – Balanced City Budget: Yes

Do you want your city to have a balanced budget? I’m mystified that this isn’t already a requirement.  The biggest “No duh” on the ballot.

Statewide Ballot Propositions


1, 2, 3, 4, 5: No


6 – Killing the Gas Tax: Yes


7, 8, 10: No


11 – Overtime Pay, FEMA Training, and Flexable Breaks for EMTs & Paramedics: Yes

These guys work hard; let’s make sure they’re getting paid right & trained right.


12 – Farm Animal Housing/Space Requirements: Yes

Happy food is tasty food and this will improve food safety, too.

That’s it! If there’s a race you’d like an opinion about feel free to reach out, otherwise: VOTE.

Photo by  Mirah Curzer  on  Unsplash