I’m Quitting…

Have you quit? Because I KNOW you’ve thought about it. Just walking away, letting someone else suffer the frustration & heartbreak. Endless entreating – begging really – to be allowed to help make things better.


But you go unheard. And so, as a final act, maybe even out of love, you make that final announcement: I quit.


Did you get the reaction you wanted? In a desperate act of acquiescence did the decision-makers try to lure you back with promises of change? Or did it fall on deaf ears?


More likely you made your announcement only to discover They weren’t moved by your departure. Nothing changed. Nothing will. They will go to hell in their own way.


When you’ve got a real stake in something, a job or a club or something like that quitting to send a message can be powerful, even transformative. When you “quit” a TV Show or a Social Network it’s a weak fart in a stiff wind.


The most recent Quit I read was in reference to Doctor Who.


Swear to God.


The author spent 500 words insisting it wasn’t about the latest PHYSICAL transformation of The Doctor, but rather that the writing of the show has slipped below his standards.


Let’s review: A show targeting young adults & sci-fi fans, featuring a 1,300+ year old time machine thief with an affection for fish sticks with custard, fezzes, and saving humanity (and the universe) from would-be conquerors & destroyers, which has been airing for 5 decades and has survived 14 “regenerations” of its titular hero and the casting of an entire race of hyper-aggressive (genocidal, really) toasters as an existential threat.


That’s the show you’re bailing on? Look…either you get it or you don’t. But if you think the writing is subpar now you should have been around for the 3rd, 5th, & 7th Regenerations.


And I can’t imagine why anyone would give a damn what you do or do not watch on television.


Your browsing habits, social media engagement, fast food purchases, coffee consumption: Nobody but you gives a crap.




So… I quit. I’m not reading anymore “Why I’m Leaving/Quitting/Walking Away” essays.


Unless you’re creating something, taking your leave of it doesn’t matter. It’s just more impotent whining from another ineffectual loser who wants to be recognized for nothing.


So quit if you like. Or find something that brings you joy. Tell me about THAT. We spend too much time accentuating the negative as it is…if you can’t create at least find a creation you can celebrate. But for God’s sake stop broadcasting your withdrawal from something bigger than yourself.