When I took over the Saturday midday time slot in late 2014 there were ZERO expectations.

Blake had just stepped in to the Program Director role, a Corporate Rat Bastard (the man who would eventually go on to kill PIG VIRUS) was on the war path, and something had to replace Radio Tradio on short notice.

Blake decided to let me have the slot. We had talked off-and-on for a couple weeks about making it a tech show, but when the CRB started one of his tantrums the decision was made to “just do whatever.”

If that sounds careless you’re not totally wrong. But that’s the beauty of weekends on a News/Talk station: Nobody cares.

The conventional wisdom is that not even shut-ins listen to Talk on the weekend.

That makes it a really safe place to take chances, though. You can practice. You can do weird stuff. And since there’s (in theory) almost nobody listening very little harm can be done.

But a strange thing has been happening Saturdays on KMJ. You’re listening. And not just a few of you. My Saturday Show is currently the #1 program on Saturdays in Central California.

Yes, headphone-sniffers: In demo.

Still… Number One? Holy Smokes…you guys rock.

Thank you.