I’ve got TWO podcasts this week

Saturday’s show was all over the road. Interesting stuff (in my <ahem> humble opinion), but no one thing dominated the program.

Honestly, I was still plotting how to squeeze in another screening of “Endgame”

We saw it twice. I think I’ll type up a review or something.


Monday’s program was more focused, but with some bittersweetness: The main topic of conversation was the story of two Navy recruits who died during basic training. There’s no villain here, just a lot of (mostly unanswered) questions.

On a positive note: many thanks to Lyndsey Ray, one of the new faces at KMJ in 2019. She had 90% of today’s stories waiting for me by the time I rolled in to the office.

My major social statement for the week is simple: If a child dies of a preventable disease because of misinformation spread via social media who is to blame?

The Russians?

The Social Network?

Or is it ultimately and finally the parents responsibility?

I cannot imagine trying to live with yourself after letting Jenny McCarthy’s medical illiteracy influence such a simple decision.