Thanks, Threats, and Thoughts


Thank you all. There’s a list of things I’m grateful for this week, and I don’t want to forget anyone, but I probably will…

ApCal & Gill Automotive for making Chris Daniel’s 10th Anniversary Party a great night

Blake, Patty, and the entire KMJ team for coming out (and working hard) to celebrate a good friend

The Fresno Grizzlies and Mayor Lee Brand: Frequent contributors, major players in our community, and good sports all-around

Richard Sappington for pulling together some of the funniest, most thoughtful listeners we have the pleasure of corresponding with

Bryan Tellalian for being – hands-down – one of the classiest, most thoughtful people in the local political landscape

HB for giving me the funniest “cash tip” I’ve ever seen

All the folks who took a minute to say ‘Hello’ last night – especially those who had good things to say about the Saturday Show in addition to what I do with CD

And Chris. You’re a damn good friend and you deserve every word of congratulations and praise you heard last night. More, really. But my revenge for that <ahem> hug will be served cold.

My apologies to the folks who subscribe to the podcast…I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the time to post lately! But we’re back in the groove and “Men, Myths, and Mail” is online now through TuneIn Radio and Apple Podcasts. Now that we’re through the bulk of the upgrading of the 3rd Floor at Radio City I should be able to stay on top of my usual obligations. Thank you for your patience, truly.

Beware large companies and political personalities who will try to sell you on fluff. Boeing is learning the price of trying to profit on basic safety. Beto is wooing people with cultural sleight-of-hand. Meanwhile, the Attorney General is reviewing what may prove to be the most illuminating political research project of the 21st Century.

Hear me: Whatever the Muller Report has to say We. Will. Learn. SOMETHING. I think it will be unflattering to many in power and cause the rest of us to despair of ever Draining the Swamp. But I don’t think Donald J. Trump colluded with the Russians. Offered to build a hotel? Sure. Allowed his ego to be flattered? You bet. Committed a crime? Not so much.

The worst thing Republicans can do is block the release of the Report. Now is the time to cleave off those who played fast and loose. As caribou are strengthened genetically by wolves taking the weakest in the herd so will the GOP be stronger for a little Political Darwinism.