Hands on the desk, please

The Creep Factor on this week’s show was pretty high. Basically I argued that making Joe Biden’s unwanted advances pubic was a political ploy, then I acknowledged that one time, in the newsroom an intern unwittingly showed a roomful of men her…soul.

But you know what? I stand by it.

Joe Biden MIGHT be too familiar, maybe even predatory, but you’re naïve if you think the timing of Lucy Flores’s essay for New York Magazine’s The Cut was organic.

Also: spandex is a privilege, not a right. If you can’t refrain from showing co-workers or total strangers your bootyhole the problem isn’t Body Shaming, Toxic Masculinity, or The Patriarchy. We can see your anus. If I wasn’t expecting it it’s probably unwelcome.

If your outfit makes me think of Saosin sampling Dick Dale’s Del-Tones it’s not professional.


There were a few stories I wanted to get into today that we just didn’t have time for:

Final Analysis of a FUSD Trustee putting hands on a student

The Impending Death of Flavored Tobacco


and Why I’m Mad at CBS News

Finally: It’s super important that you get to DonateBlood.org and make an appointment…especially if you’re Type-O Negative. I’m O-Positive, and I’m just about eligible again, so if you want to make it a thing let me know and we’ll set up another live broadcast from the Jenny Eller Donor Center.