Notes for Saturday 02.01.19

This week’s show: Nice Hat

Measure P proponents are suing the city, insisting election laws aren’t fair

Virginia Gov. Northam will not be resigning

Alleged would-be kidnapper arrested in Madera

A Bay Area restaurant owner decides to keep serving MAGA Hat-wearing patrons

Interesting feedback on the hat thing. I’m not one for wearing my politics on my sleeve (or head) in spite of what I do for a living, but I appreciate the impulse and believe it falls squarely into the whole Free Expression vibe.

I’m also glad to see less freaking out over the San Mateo restaurant owner’s comments. Two years ago this would have devolved into people spamming his Yelp page and calling in to find new ways of saying “Eff that guy.” It didn’t go there at all and that’s an important milestone for The Conversation.

The more energy we put into real conservative values – Individual Liberty, privacy, self-reliance, and law & order – the better our country becomes. Getting distracted by the fringe attention seekers has to stop.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Social Media, the birthplace of Troll Culture, actually became the venue for vaccinating the American psyche against stupid people promoting bad ideas?

Or we could all dress up in sombreros and Cheech Martin moustaches and pretend we don’t understand why everyone in a Mexican restaurant thinks we’re assholes.

But I digress…

Also surprising is the decision by BHC to sue the City because the voters didn’t back Measure P.

Fresno needs more parks, but this plan is like looking at your household budget and deciding to put 100% of your disposable income into the lawn while the paint peels and the windows won’t latch.

I’m curious to know how former Mayors Swearengin & Autry feel about being the public faces of the outright rejection of the will of the people.

Finally, thank you to everyone who came out to the Jenny Eller Donor Center last week. It was a nice change of pace having the show on the road, and seeing so many people pitch in to save lives does a heart good.


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