Talk Shows Are For Talking

Friendly Reminder: When you’re calling a talk show it should be to participate in the show.

Exceptions: Traffic tips/warnings, Extreme Weather, Breaking News

The call screener is ambivalent to your opinion. You’re actually better off with someone neutral. That ensures you’re being judged on audio quality, conversational suitability, and sobriety.

The call screener’s function should be clear just by re-reading the title: Call. Screener.

Not: Note Passer.

Not: Father Confessor

Not: Instant Replay

They don’t have time to re-read an entire news story just for you. They don’t have time to hear your life story. And they are NOT going to pass the host a note.

If you don’t have time to be on the air…don’t call. Save your wisdom for when you DO have time to talk to the host. You’re wasting time and preventing quality calls from getting on the air.

One would assume that taking the time to call a show means you’re enjoying – or are at least engaged in – a given program. When you call without the intention of speaking to the host you’re making the show worse.

Stop undermining your own happiness. If you need someone to talk to visit a bar, hire a shrink, or adopt a pet. For goodness’ sake, if you’re going to call a talk show be ready to talk!

For more on how to do THAT well read THIS.